I am Chanelle,

I have been a creative soul most of my life. I studied in the USA and I always took classes that were not needed. Because they sounded interesting! I studied for a Bachelors of fine arts and a Nursing degree. Even though I was interested in a vast variety of things, I never actually took a class in photography.

My love affair with photography started by accident. I am a portrait painter and used images as my reference material. However the images I used were dull and almost always had bad lighting. Thus I decided that I have learn how to improve the images, to in return improve my paintings. I did improve my paintings but I slowly fell in love with taking photos more. I loved being able to use light in creative ways, to highlight certain things and hide others.

I worked with a few photographers, but I learned most from my husband. A very talented photographer himself. As I photographed with him, I soon realized that we are different and that I had to become my own photographer. I had to focus on images that speak to the soul.

Now I draw from my art background and experience to follow my heart. I have finally come to my happy place. I prefer a photojournalistic approach that enables me to capture REAL moments. Not ones that are created to look real.

I try to photograph a wedding the way I would photograph my children. They are the most important elements in my life and I try to capture them for their uniqueness, their emotions and I construct a true representation of their surroundings in a beautiful and meaningful way. This is exactly my aim for every single wedding I photograph.

I have loved many things in my life but photographing weddings has been one of the biggest loves.